Changes afoot at The Paper

It’s about two months since we started writing The Paper, and about a month and a half since we did a soft launch. We have so far written close to fifty public posts, and over the weekend we took the opportunity to take stock at where we are at.

If you remember, we had first started The Paper as a daily, going out every Monday to Friday, with a wrap-up on Saturday. A couple of weeks back, we did away with the Friday edition - so little business-related happens over the weekend that we were finding it impossible to have sufficient quality content for both Fridays and Mondays.

As we took yet another (more critical) look over the weekend, we find that of late our quality of writing has slipped. While we continue to bring to you in depth analysis of Indian business stories, we have found that the frequency at which we are doing it means that

  1. Sometimes we write about things that not too many of our readers have an interest in.

  2. Some of our letters have started getting a bit boring, in terms of the quality of writing.

As a result, we have decided to do away with the daily nature of The Paper. Instead, we will be writing it two times a week (on average), and retain the flexibility of which two days it goes out on. This way, we can focus on the most interesting stories that we can bring our own perspective to, and bring them to you at a time when the stories are well-formed.

Along with this, we will expand our Saturday edition. So far, the Saturday edition simply seeks to remind readers of what we wrote about during the week. Starting this week onwards, this weekend edition will be expanded, as we will bring to you more about what is happening in Indian business, and maybe even expose some of our work-in-progress work.

So if you’re not yet a subscriber to The Paper Wrap (it’s likely that you have been added to that list already), please do so now.

The Paper Wrap

The Paper will continue, but at a lower frequency compared to before. There will be no edition today. We will see you here again later this week, bringing to you a story that we think you will be really interested in.

Suprio and Karthik