An olive branch..
We last posted nearly three months ago and we realise we have been remiss in not explaining our silence. We owe you that.
As more and more economic data comes in, it becomes clearer that the "recovery" we saw in June was a blip, fuelled by pent up demand. Overall, the…
With Vivo pulling out thanks to the India-China border standoff, the title sponsorship of the Indian Premier League goes at a 50% discount.
Sticking to one of our pet theories, we take a look at some of the things Indian companies and consumers are doing in different ways due to the pandemic
Indian IT Services companies all seem to be riding on the "digital transformation" wave. But what is digital transformation? And what do these companies…
It’s about two months since we started writing The Paper, and about a month and a half since we did a soft launch. We have so far written close to fifty…
We continue where we left off on Monday to analyse India's new National Education Policy
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